It seemed like a good idea to go. The 16 year old and I were stranded in cold, dank, London, at the time, and needed a change of scene. Cheap flights

Street Art
Street Art

were offered via ryanair , it only needed navigation through their tricky website, no I don’t need a ryan air emblazoned travel bag, and the astoundingly cheap tickets were purchased. An apartment was booked via airbnb in a restored, historical building, in the old part of town.


Prague proved to be a vibrant, bustling, global metropolis, steeped in history, drenched in tradition, and picturesque . The twisting curving streets were negotiable via hop on, hop off trams, and the natives were friendly .


Upon arrival we visited the museum, and national art gallery. Many scientific inventions are attributable to the Czechs, and they are a resilient, clever race of people, proud of their traditions, and deeply influenced by an inquisitive mind, and a love of the Catholic Church . The narrow streets revealed many hidden delights. The tram took us to the pinnacle of the mountain range above Prague, and we journeyed back on the conjoined tram to dine at the very fine river side of the Vltava River,near the famous Charles Bridge. Driven by tourism, there is still a  rebellious streak in Prague, addressed by the prominence of posters everywhere proclaiming rallies, and inciting the locals to action. The historical buildings are massive, and the underground rail system impressive by its sheer sophistication. It is a city of contrasts, of old versus new, religion against communism, and rich versus poor. One overriding factor is the sheer brilliance of the Czech mind, their sense of social justice, the beauty of the place,and its pivotal role in the European hierarchy .

Time poor, I didn’t get to any modern art galleries, but the little I saw has whetted my appetite for a return visit in the not too distant future .


Herring salad
Herring salad

Old town , new town , definitely got the beat down
Sepia toned young punks gyrating around
imitating american hip hop trying to run the moves to ground

Beat , feet , music
Drinkers , thinkers , high energy tinkers

Warsaw is big town , hip town , no rigor mortis in this town
Rebellious , querulous , inventive , and nazi preventative
A town steeped in history , shrouded in religion
Burgeoning , bustling , never repetitive
Arty , crafty , everyones at the party
Incense , priests , cobbled streets ,
night skies , artificial fireflys ,

Herbal tea caverns , more ice cream than you can imagine
flower sellers peddling ancient wares , red roses are everywhere

Red & white flag , purity and blood
Polish eagle astride her proud , gritty city

Pole Beer
Pole Beer