QR Codes

QR Codes were discussed last week in the Victoria University, Digital Media Class.

I found the following images on an empty shopfront in Fitzroy St, St Kilda.

All had QR codes

My favourite was the Rowland S Howard piece, honouring local musician, founder of 80’s punk band, “The Boys Next Door, and former bandmate of Nick Cave.

rowland s howard lane
rowland s howard lane
U by Georgia Rann
U by Georgia Rann


Rowland S Howard by Luhsun Tan
Atomic 2 by Peter Alchin
Blue Moon by Victor Holder
Blue Moon by Victor Holder
School of Fishes by Constanza Nightingale

Two Nick Caves

I saw the African American artist, Nick Cave,  exhibit at Cranbrook academy in the ritzy part of town, outside of Detroit.

He makes sounds suits of gathered objects, festoons, feathers,fabricates and fascinates his viewer with these splendiferous creations.


 One room room is an installation of boxes with found objects, referencing violence, eg a glass gun, and is a visual, silent comment on race relations in the states .



I hope to see his performance piece of young black detroit youth dancing in his suits.

And yes I did think I was going to see the Australian, Nick Cave, there are two!