My sculpture Grunt made from welded iron spray-painted orange and wrapped in black industrial plastic is showing at Alternating Current Artspace, 248 High St, Windsor, Vic, 3181 until the 5th of October, 2019.

The work is wrapped in a length of wide industrial strength black waterproof plastic called ” grunt “. It is commonly used as a waterproofing membrane to protect building applications or to be incorporated into building techniques. I sourced a small role of it discarded on a footpath in West Melbourne early in 2019 at the front of a building site.

corner space

The work consists of three four disparate sized screens welded and hinged together.


The metal for the screens was sourced from a metal fabrication workshop in Williamstown. It was purchased in three uniform lengths, cut down to size so it could fit in my car and welded together in the the desired shapes at the workshop. Each screen was subsequently hinged together in the required configuration.

“Grunt “squeezed into a small space

To enable it to be spray-painted much cleaning and rubbing back of the metal was required to remove impurities and to create the best surface to which the paint would adhere seamlessly. Ultimately the piece was carried to the spray booth where it received three layers of spray paint manually applied from the can.

Angled placement of “Grunt ”

Many iterations where experimented with for both the placement of the screens and the encasing wrap of the “Grunt”.


Ideally this sculptural work, ” Grunt ” needs an expansive space for suitable display and to allow the viewer to walk around it.

Out Loud

Exhibition “Outloud”

Out Loud was the exhibition of some work I made whilst on my Cove Park Residency in July in Scotland. It was a fun, semi impromptu show of small sculptural pieces made from various materials foraged and scavenged from my limited travellers supply cache.

out loud
outloud sculpture from poundland cardboard and rubber bands

Largely working the fluoro colour palette through material exploration of paper, rubber bands and string I achieved a massed culmination of work. It developed through a combination of colour, shape and utilisation of ready made, cheap, easily accessible materials. The concept forced me to create a body of work from the everyday common and found materials. I had a playful interaction and believe I created a thoughtful body of small readymades.

ready made sculpture

ready made sculpture

My Artistic Practice 2014

In this blog I want to describe my artistic practice at the beginning of 2014, and my artistic practice at the conclusion of 2014.

studio vu1
studio vu1

I am an inveterate collector. I  use found objects in my art, and to inspire me. My visual diaries, are a record of my daily journeys. They record, and sometimes act as a repository of my found objects. The focus of my artistic practice in 2014, has been beach washed detritus. Specifically I have used destroyed, aged, sea washed,rusted, crushed, and tattered cans. My work has involved sculptural pieces, using plaster, and metal frameworks amongst other found objects. I have completed a folio of many paintings, drawings and prints, based on cans, at various levels of decay. My printmaking work has also embraced the theme of destroyed, abandoned, and deserted post industrial landscapes, such as Detroit, USA , Cockatoo Island, Australia, and Hashima Island, Japan.

studio vu2
studio vu2

At the completion of my 2014 studies, I believe I have produced a cohesive body of work, that addresses my principles of the use of the damaged found object, ie cans, and has directed a burgeoning interest in the post industrial landscape. I have learnt many new skills, eg; drypoint, intaglio printmaking, and re-awakened old ones of life drawing, and perspective placement. Involving myself in a daily training environment has been most beneficial, as has access to a brilliant studio space. I look forward to completing my studies in 2015, particularly in the area of painting.

Gallery viewing

Saw Fiona somerville’s show at bright spaces gallery in st Kilda last week .

It’ was titled “ruined ” . Conjures up many pre – conceived ideas and visual images . The show was not what I was expecting . The artist has a unique choice of subject matter . Her work is about the detritus of Australia’s more recent rural past. She depicts the remnants of shacks, humpys and dongas lying about in our landscape . She depicts them in a clean , almost candy box like format . The lines are clean , the palette pastel and their is an absence of the bush landscapes and people native to the region of her work . An engaging and visceral body of work it challenges the viewer to disassociate ourselves from the obvious expectation of the title to view the work .

As a visual artist I work with of sea ravaged , gathered and ruined objects . It challenged and expanded my expectations of this subject matter .