Silk Cut Awards 2014

The Town Hall was lit , flags were fluttering , cars jostled for parking spots and a low hum emitted from the statesque , Art Deco Building . Each time the self opening doors parted a rush of excited chatter burst from the building . I was at the mecca of printmakers , the esteemed , 2014 Silk Cut Awards , for excellence in all things lino .



marion manifold
marion manifold


One of our number had been selected to compete. Her piece was hung on the wall surrounded by a multitude of like minded students , all competing for the ultimate prize , and recognition , such a prestigious  award would bring


Deborah Klein
Deborah Klein


Our fearless leader , aka known as Bridget Hillebrand,  our printmaker teacher , was clustered in a throng of gal pals , nervously and excitedly extolling the virtues of all the work on show .

It was a heady mix of food , drink , chatter and ultimately , the work . True artistry was evident as the work transcended the humble square block of lino. It was embellished , drawn into , upon , stitched over , printed , coloured , painted and displayed in ways never envisaged for the humble floor covering .

Wall after wall displayed exquisite work , some hung overhead on string , others festooned in glass cases , or many mounted in a spectacular sequence format, such as Marion Manifold’s exquisite work , entitled ” My Mothers Threads  , a gift for my children “.

Well worth a visit , to view both the VU teacher and student work on display , as well as all the other exhibitors . Also  pick up a free lino block , generously donated by the sponsors , the Duroloid company .

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Denise Honan

Re Training Visual Artist. Completed Diploma of Visual Art at Victoria University in 2015. Currently studying Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University, Caulfield.