Denise Honan

D Honan Is An Australian Visual artist

Denise Honan



Having been told about TedX on more than one occasion, I decided I would attend, when I had a chance to go to their Melbourne show.

It was on at the new Exhibition Centre, behind Jeff’s Shed, on a corner of the Docklands.

Many speakers were  on the agenda, to talk on a wide variety, of diverse subjects .

A quick perusal of the programme revealed no visual artists were presenting, however a creative music maker, and scientist both gave inspiring speeches, and demonstrations.



Of most interest to me were two talkers. One, an extremely fit young woman, who is in the field of Australian contenders to fly to Mars, as part of the NASA program Its a one way journey with a bunch of strangers, to live in a controlled bubble, in a hostile environment. Once there, after seven months of travelling so many millions of kilometres to reach Mars, you grow all  your own food to live on, ie vegies , no meats or fruits with no 7/11 ‘s nearby. Its a one way gig from which you can’t return. Too bad if you change your mind enroute, or once there. It was a bizarrely interesting scenario, and one that doesn’t appeal. As a visual artist, daily stimulation of the senses from new sights and sounds, is tantamount to my artistic practice, and I don’t think the stimulation would be apparent on Mars




The other speaker of note was Max Walker, Tasmanian Cricketer, great sportsperson, and all round nice guy. Quite a raconteur, he had many  a funny story to tell. One of those included the gaining of the baggy green cap to play for the Australian Cricket Team, in the Test Series. A gifted orator and yarn spinner, he proved a highly entertaining speaker, and highly motivated individual.

I left slightly early to get back to my neglected studio work, enlightened and informed.