To be a Saint



Born, bred, it’s in the blood

Saints Jumper
Saints Jumper
Luna Park 2
Luna Park 2

Its tough love.


Tex Perkins sums it up perfectly here


So does Paul Dempseysaint

Love where I Live

Travelling to the West of Melbourne yesterday, I encountered creatives who shared a love of where they live.

Luna Park
Luna Park

It made me think about where I live.



I too live in an inspiring part of the world and enjoy its beauty, diversity, and value the daily inspiration I derive from my surroundings.

Palais is Falling Down
Palais is Falling


Watch Pharrell Williams – Happy from St Kilda, Melbourne – Australia #HAPPYDAY


Blogs I follow

As a student at Victoria University, studying a Visual Arts Diploma, we read fellow students blog posts.


Culhane, Megan – mjculhane
Daly, Quinn – art-school-dropkick
Day, Kara – sillygillian
Gommers, Kate – cultural-inspiration
Heaton, Sarah – sarahjaneheaton
Jovel, Amanda – gothicaya
Loukas, Andrew – youinterpretit
Pompei, Ebony – facelesswolf
Posavec, Sarah – eroticsloth
Reid, Alexandra – alexreidart
Rezaie, Zakir – zacrezaie
Ritzert, Yvonne – yvonneritzert
Rovacsek, Georgia – georgiarovacsek
Shingles, Sophie – i-didnt-kill-yoko-ono
Stringa, Shai – shaistringa
Sullivan, Elizabeth – libbiesullivan
Thwin, John – thwinblog

Makes for interesting reading. Its a great way to view the past, and current work of the students, and to find out what inspires them. I have made comments on some of the blog posts.

The blogs are innovatively designed, are visually stunning, with matching soundtracks and imagery. It is a great way to keep in touch with fellow students.




Grey rain its Melbourne’s turn  to be bleak again
Windows streak
Rain turns to sleet
Gums wave in the night sky
Sodden branches flex and fly
Icy freezing artic winds make my coat spin
This winter has been grim
unrelenting cold has made me feel old
I yearn for summer
Her warm embraces and
Soft gentle touch that lanquidly grazes

St Kilda Vaults

tunnel 3
tunnel 3



tunnel stk
tunnel stk



Corrosive sulphur smell masks raggedy peeling paint of a cerulean blue shade . Dim , dark spaces , tunnelling back into cavernous curving arches . Two iridescent orbs shimmering against black , inky , fetid air . Sea stench ,  chemical car exhaust , rotting vegetation , ancient dust ,  ground up insect carcasses , and embedded paint textures . Where am I ? Incarcerated in the St Kilda Vaults . Rust , dust and sea must , I am in a subterranean vault , below bitumen , juxtaposed between the upper and lower esplanades , of St Kilda . A boarded up retail space , sacrificed f0r the sweeping expansion of the bitumen tentacles of a spinning roadway .