St Roch’s Cemetary of Body Parts

 St Roch was the patron of good health and was called upon in 1867 & 1878 to protect the locals from yellow fever. No one died so the priest at the time pledged to build a chapel in the Saints honour. People still come to ask for help. Another custom was the local girls visiting the shrine on Good Friday to ensure they had a husband before the year was out .
Photographs courtesy of Bridget Honan.

Dabl African Bead Museum

On the edge of Detroit is an eclectic visual art museum . Its founder and creator, Dabl, has lived here for sixteen years after a nomadic existence opening and closing galleries around downtown Detroit.

Dabl having been gifted land, peddles mainly imported African beads, and creates his unique, outdoor installations from junk. The two houses on the property are mosaiced with mirrors, other pieces are coated in donated enamel paints, and he creates quirky pieces , like his outdoor cinema, from old chairs and chunks of broken concrete.

 A tour was underway when we arrived for out of town New York writers, so I tagged along. Dabl explained each piece, its personal significance, then ably manned the shop peddling beads, deftly deflecting any attempts at price cutting.

Detroit Design Festival 2015 


 Along with Eastern Market After Dark 9.24.2015

Open artists studios, typography & letterpress demonstrations, artists painting mural art, red bull studio with artists giving spray painting demonstrations, vintage clothing & antiques, music, food, & fashion parades.  Most impressive was the mobile screen printing machine, printing on your shirt, choice of designs for the bargain price of $5. The line snaked out far too long for me to wait for some printing action.

 Detroit, a new adventure every day.

Driven home by an uber driver called Douglass, He co-tenanted an apartment building with Clark Gable, the actor who played Rhett Butler in movie epic ” Gone with the Wind”.

Popps Packing 

I went to @ open studio last night at Popps Packing, Detroit. I met artist in residence, German photographer, Franziska Klose.
She is based in Leipzig, a German city, home to a thriving creative community.

 Her work looks at how vegetation is growing in abandoned, damaged houses. This shot has chicory growing, an agricultural business my grandparents, Bess and Cuthbert Kiernan, pursued on French Island, circa 1917.