Denise Honan

D Honan Is An Australian Visual artist

in search of corrugated tin

in search of corrugated tin


My theme for much of my visual work , is sea washed detritus , with a focus on ravaged and degraded cans .

Recently , whilst working on my series of “Can ” drawings , I decided to use rusted corrugated iron as a base to draw on .

A  source of the material would come from the legendary Melbourne tip shops I heard so much about . I had used them in Hobart , but not locally . A friend had sourced props for a short film from one , another had bought eighties costumes for a themed party .

I sourced them through google .

The closest to me was in Wantirna South , so I coerced my youngest daughter into driving me . She is the owner of a shiny new red “P” plate.

Our Border Collie ,  Clive , tagged along with his impeccable nose for good smells , as we  reversed out of the driveway at a blistering pace.

North road welcomed us and we sped along , my mind racing with all the possibilities the tip shop conjured up.

Upon arrival I was stunned to find it neatly laid out , signposted and well stocked . The cornucopia of discarded detritus, and buried treasure , gladdened my heart . I purchased a new frame , distressed 1930’s mirror , ancient soft cloth sandpaper , to print on , a 1960 Australian Home Beautiful , a British 1969 b&w electronics weekly, neon stickers , 2 Brockhoff vintage biscuit tins , 3 hand painted glass Christmas globes , and a packet of neon printing paper . Not a bad haul for 12 bucks !

I loved the place , and the potential it offered of future resources . The erstwhile female attendant , confided she had procured a mint set of 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games tickets , from their Coldstream store. My interest pricked , I will return . An inveterate op shopper , bower bird , scrounger , recycler and sticky beak , I think I have found a favourite place to shop . Surrounded by dust , dirt , grime & mess I happily sorted , declaring it my ideal job , which caused my driver to comment ” only mum would want to work in a tip shop ” .