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Denise Honan

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Beware of Falling


“Beware of Falling” is the title of my final performance piece of my second year Bachelor Of Fine Art. It concluded my 2017 study year at Monash University, Melbourne. The formative work began as a response to a studio project entitled ” A Narrative Tale”. Initially I decided to  photograph my wardrobe. This took some

Detroit Interview

Detroit abandoned Factory

The following is a Q&A interview I did for a Detroit Hostel , by Rosalind Russell. 1. What brought you to Detroit/why did you choose to do your residency here? The work of my visual practice explores the theme of abandonment in post industrial environments. Detroit was an ideal environment for me to pursue this. 2. Can you describe

My Artistic Practice 2014

In this blog I want to describe my artistic practice at the beginning of 2014, and my artistic practice at the conclusion of 2014. I am an inveterate collector. I  use found objects in my art, and to inspire me. My visual diaries, are a record of my daily journeys. They record, and sometimes act as