Denise Honan

D Honan Is An Australian Visual artist

Denise Honan


Lunch Date

The time, venue, date and artist were set. Our lunch date with TV Moore was confirmed, a hasty walk to Southbank ensued, and three of our number strode boldly into the tightly packed, largely VCA held, lunchtime forum. PV Styler, Sungyole and deniseahonan were not daunted, single seats were quickly secured, and we sat attuned to the great

TV Moore with Love and Squalor

Shrek like

TV Moore with Love & Squalor, is currently appearing at ACCA from 15th August to 27th September. Confronted by the title emblazoned on the bright pink banner, out the front of ACCA, I was curious. The man with the enigmatic name, is an Australian artist,  based in NYC, and is exhibiting his first solo show at ACCA. The