Denise Honan

D Honan Is An Australian Visual artist

Subterranean, 2019

I am showing a series of sculptural works, for ‘Subterranean’, my show at the Dirty Dozen Campbell Arcade Melbourne 2-30 September 2019.

I feel a emphatic connection with the space, one I traversed frequently in my youth as a student at RMIT and later as a city worker needing to access flinders lane. I have always felt much affection for the style, grace and history attached to the area and the 1950’s fixtures of metal signage, old telephone boxes, pink tiles and black columns. The Campbell Arcade was originally built in 1955 as a pedestrian thoroughfare for spectators attending the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games . From its inception it has witnessed a steady stream of ambulatory traffic.

Laterally with the creation of the Met Tunnel to facilitate easier access to public transport the dirty dozen fortunes have waxed and waned. Threatened with expulsion and destruction this grand old dame, long a part of Melbourne’s history and possibly the best exhibition space in the city lives on.With this in mind i felt honoured to have my proposal to exhibit accepted and gleefully embarked on a series of feet and hand casts made from various materials to allude to the human traffic of the area. I have loved creating the work, am extremely grateful to be able to exhibit, and applaud the resilience of the Dirty Dozen’s claim to the title of “Melbourne’s coolest exhibition space”.