Denise Honan

D Honan Is An Australian Visual artist

Street Art

Street Art

Sad sarajevo
Veiled in mist ,shrouded in rain
It weeps for those who,ll never come home again
Carries an air of mystery , of turmoil and deceit
A city held to siege
Mothers , daughters , children , all brought to their knees
Now she strides into the sun
Resettling a proud life no longer afraid of the gun
Homeless dogs ,flower pedlars , market traders , gypsy beggars
All in the mix
It’s a city rebuilding , restructuring , struggling on
Against the age old battle of who,s right and who’s wrong
Gentle , sad , lonely face
She struggles and subsides , with a weary grace
Nestled in hills , beauty abounds , an uneasy truce , mortar holes litter the ground
Pockmarked buildings , ravaged countryside
They look to the east and draw them onside
A proud nation divided in three
It has always been rich in a troubled history
Mostar jewel of the mount
Speeding bus drivers bring you in
Sluggish Swedish trains take you out
It carries an air of sadness, of trouble and woe
And seems to be a nation tottering on the abyss
Not quite sure where to go


” The Tunnel Museum “

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