Denise Honan

D Honan Is An Australian Visual artist

Went and saw the movie ” Advanced Style ” today , at ACMI 2 . It was screening as part of MIFF , Melbourne Film Festival .

Based on a popular blog by Ari Seth Coen , the film features six elderly New Yorkers , all women , and the way they dress .

Each woman is sensitively portrayed . It shows their lifestyle in NYC and the sublime way they attire themselves . Innately individual they each have a unique mode of attire from vintage to classical , they are living art . Each day is a creation of couture and the backdrop of Manhatten is a perfect foil to their folly . As equally impressive as the outfits is their massive age , 95 , 92 , 87 , with the youngest being 67. Just proves true style , fashion sense and grace is ageless .