Denise Honan

D Honan Is An Australian Visual artist

The time, venue, date and artist were set. Our lunch date with TV Moore was confirmed, a hasty walk to Southbank ensued, and three of our number strode boldly into the tightly packed, largely VCA held, lunchtime forum. PV Styler, Sungyole and deniseahonan were not daunted, single seats were quickly secured, and we sat attuned to the great man, waiting for pearls of wisdom to drop from his mouth.

TV Moore

TV Moore

me & TV


TV Moore, is a complex, multifaceted, Australian artist, classically trained in Sydney, who has completed residencies in Finland, and Los Angeles, and now resides, and works in NYC. He discussed his work candidly and expansively, and managed to answer the subversive questions, asked by the VCA students very deftly. His practice embraces many areas of the visual arts, and he is attuned to trends, developments and influences stateside, whilst stamping his own uniquely, iconic Aussie signature on his work, specifically the Disney figures, of popular culture.



A brisk Question and Answer forum ended the talk. A third year VCA sculpture student, sitting next to me, who I  questioned at the previous weeks Open Day, asked the question about his influences, claiming , ” its all very LA “. TV replied, well yes I lived and worked in LA, and have long been interested in Disney, and animation. The response was self effacing but the inference personal,  and I believe indicative that artists are like human sponges, soaking in much, re- processing, fashioning and discarding, to meet our own personal aesthetic.

I took a very valuable line away from the forum, that ” the gallery space, particularly the ACCA

tv moore

tv moore

space,with its no right angles owns you, and you work with it to extend your work”. It in essence becomes a part of your work, an extension to your exhibition.

TV Moore has deliberately embraced this with the ACCA space, as did his immediately previous exhibitor, Ryan Gander.

Quote by TV Moore, 1pm lunchtime forum, ACCA, Southbank, Melbourne, 20/08/2015.

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